Automated, Professional-Quality Disc Labeling Can Be Easy and Affordable

disc labelA full-color, photo-quality label adds the finishing touch to your disc duplication projects.  You want the outside of your duplicated Blu-ray, DVD and CD discs to look as professional as the contents Disc Labelingthey contain.  Using a quality inkjet printer that is capable of printing on discs is a cost-effective way to label a CD, DVD or Blu-ray disc, and the results look professional. But the process can be tedious.  The RoboJet Disc Autoloader, just introduced by Aleratec, is an economical product that is easy to use and install and fully automates the process of labeling up to 100 discs at a time when used with a compatible inkjet printer.

There are several affordable inkjet printers which can print full-color Blu-ray, DVD or CD labels directly onto the discs.  These printers generally include a carrier or tray into which each disc that is to be printed must be inserted.  The disc is guided through the printer, much the way a sheet of paper would be, while the print head deposits ink onto the disc.  Media optimized for inkjet printing has a special label surface that can absorb ink so the image will resist smearing.  With quality media, the result is photo-quality, custom labels.  However, printing a large number of discs in this manner can be a tiresome process because each disc has to be loaded and removed from the print tray, one at a time.

Typical automated disc printing systems use customized print systems and a robotic arm to place a blank disc into a printer and stack or spindle completed discs.  All of these features add to the cost of such devices, but don’t necessarily improve print quality or reliability.  As a result, these automated printers will take the tedium out of the inkjet label printing process, but are priced at a level that is not practical for many users.

Aleratec’s RoboJet Disc Autoloader is a cost efficient solution.  Designed to work with the high-performance Epson Artisan 50 inkjet printer, it also works with certain other models of Epson inkjet printers which support disc printing.  The user can load up to 100 inkjet-printable blank discs in the RoboJet Disc Autoloader and start fully automated print runs using the included Aleratec Autoloader software.

For added convenience, blank discs can be added and completed discs can be removed while a job is in progress.  The RoboJet’s disc feed system takes just minutes to install.  The disc tray simply replaces the printer’s paper feed tray.

The powerful Aleratec Autoloader software included with the RoboJet Disc Printing System makes it easy to optimize operation.  The RoboJet will also work with just about any popular inkjet printing software, including Epson Print CD, Nero Cover Designer and Acoustica Label Maker.

For best results from your disc printing system, we recommend using Aleratec BD, DVD and CD duplicator grade inkjet printable media. Our HydroGuard DVD and CD media are specially formulated to provide exceptional print quality while resisting smears, smudges and moisture.

The Aleratec RoboJet Disc Autoloader is available now at leading resellers and direct from Aleratec.

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