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Automated, Professional-Quality Disc Labeling Can Be Easy and Affordable

Automate the printing of full-color, photo-quality labels to add the finishing touch to your disc publishing projects.

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Disc Gone Bad

We’ve all had it happen. Our favorite DVDs or our most important CDs suddenly became scratched and seem to be beyond repair. Optical discs (CDs/DVDs and Blu-ray discs) are very durable but it’s practically impossible to keep them scratch free. One minor scratch can result in a huge loss of data or a skip and even cause lock up on game discs. Most people would toss that scratched disc in the garbage, but unless the scratch is very deep or is located on the label side of the disc (commonly called foil damage), there’s actually another solution: repair the scratch or clean the disc to restore satisfactory operation.

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Blu-ray Media Performs at Speeds of up to 10X in Aleratec Duplicators

Aleratec’s new duplicator-grade Blu-ray media (370103/370104) has been recently rated at a maximum speed of 6x for all capable devices. And when used with the newest generation of Aleratec standalone Blu-ray/DVD/CD duplicators (260201/260202/260203), this media is capable of performing at speeds of up to 10x.

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Duplicator Grade Media (CD, DVD and Blu-ray)

Duplicator grade media produced by Aleratec is optimized for the highest quality in professional standards. We offer duplicator grade CD-Rs, DVD-Rs, and BD-Rs that match the firmware of the DVD/CD writers to ensure the discs have the proper “write strategy.”

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