Finally! Mac Compatibility for Aleratec Computer-Connected USB Duplicators

Aleratec’s computer-connected USB duplicator is now compatible with Mac OS platforms.

Designing hard disk drive and USB duplicators is always a work in progress. Customer needs vary across industries, and our duplicators are used across many industries. When we designed our first line of computer-connected USB thumb drive duplicators, the majority of our end-users needed a fast flash drive duplicator for the Windows platform. It was, and still is, the higher percentage of computers and laptops used in office environments. However, building in Mac compatibility was always on the minds of our engineers who are often caught between the Mac vs. PC debates. Read more ›

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Reducing Greenhouse Gas One Shredder Lubricant Sheet at a Time

Aleratec celebrates America Recycles Day on November 15, 2015.

America Recycles DayThe topic of Global Warming seems to be on the front page more so lately than ever, and although opinions on the subject vary, few can argue over how important it is to be mindful of our environment. Most Americans are conscious of this, and recycling cans, bottles and paper is now as routine as taking out the trash for many. In spite of our heightened awareness, however, it’s easy to get a bit lazy. Seemingly insignificant scraps of paper are tossed in the trash instead of the recycling bin, or we neglect to check whether the packaging on the products we buy is made of recycled material. Read more ›

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MFG Day 2015: Recognizing the Impact Manufacturers Have on Communities

MFG Day 2015October 2nd, 2015 is National Manufacturing Day. If you’ve never heard of such a day, you’re not alone. It’s only been a few years since President Obama issued a presidential proclamation declaring the first Friday of October as National Manufacturing Day. Since then, however, MFG Day has taken off with more than 1,600 plant tours and over 100,000 participants. With all the commemorative days on the books, from National Hug Day to Global Handwashing Day, we should we recognize MFG Day? Here are a few of the great reasons. Read more ›

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With Apple’s New iPad Pro Announced, How Big Can Your Tablet Grow?

Aleratec’s Charge and Guard Secure Charge/Sync Cabinet 16 makes room for bigger and bigger tablets

Apple's new iPad Pro

Apple’s new iPad Pro

Have you heard the rumors? A new, bigger breed of tablets is heading our way as Apple announced the release of the iPad Pro, a feature-laden tablet with a whopping 12.9” screen, out-inching Samsung’s Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2” tablet. While it wasn’t long ago that a 10-inch screen seemed like the large-end of tablets, Apple’s latest introduction means all bets are off as to how big these ubiquitous devices will grow.

Why Are Tablets Getting Bigger?

Consumers are becoming more accustomed to the increasing capabilities of tablets with large, ultra-high definition screens and laptop-like processing power. When Apple first launched the iPad in 2010, it boasted a 9.7-inch display and had what was, at the time, the most robust processing power and a seemingly endless collection of apps. Flash forward five years and the market is flush with plus-sized tablets, including models from Samsung, Microsoft, Lenovo, and other consumer electronics giants, either announced or rumored.

As tablets grow bigger so do their abilities, leaving Read more ›

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