Safe Ways to Donate Your Old Computers

Schools, libraries and charitable organizations often accept computers as a donation; after all, budgets are tight and an older but perfectly good laptop or desktop can go a long way in helping stretch scarce funds. According to the EPA, however, only 15% of computers are recycled or donated; an unfortunate statistic but with some good reasons behind it. For instance, most people know that even when files are deleted from a computer, the data on the hard disk drive can still be recovered. The mere thought of passwords, financial records or other confidential data being exposed leads some to “smash then trash” their hard drive, and companies without an IT specialist onboard to backup hard drives and securely wipe the drives clean will opt to store older computers rather than take the risk.

safely donate your old computer

Old Computers: Donate or Recycle Instead of Trashing

There are a lot of ways to destroy a computer’s hard disk drive; just go on You Tube and you’ll find some very clever if not dangerous tactics. The problem with this is that toxic chemicals and parts end up out in the landfill, an irresponsible practice that many states prohibit. Choosing to store older computers, even in a locked room, leaves companies vulnerable thieves who may find all kinds of valuable data on the hard drives. Recycling computers is one option; however, some recyclers charge a fee and some ship the computers and parts to developing countries where toxic chemicals pollute some of the poorest communities. So what’s the alternative? Read more ›

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Developing the Next Generation of Engineers: How Working with Local Universities Can Help Your Company Grow

Internship programs offered by local universities and colleges can be beneficial to companies, both large and small; and we’ve learned this firsthand at Aleratec through our long-standing relationship with our local university, California State University Northridge College of Engineering and Computer Science. Aleratec’s involvement began in 2006 when I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. S.K. Ramesh at a local business conference facilitated by our city council member. Dr. Ramesh had an enthusiasm that was infectious, and we set up a follow-up meeting that ultimately led to our involvement in a number of programs and initiatives to help develop the next generation of engineering talent. Read more ›

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A USB Flash Drive to Stop Hackers from Taking Control of Your Car

Imagine driving down the road in your Dodge Charger or Jeep Grand Cherokee and weird things start happening. The air conditioning starts blasting on high and the radio station changes itself. “Well that’s weird,” you think. Then the transmission suddenly cuts off, rendering your accelerator useless. Now you start to panic. You exclaim “What in the world is going on??” (or something more R-rated) to yourself as your car starts losing momentum. Then the brakes stop working..

If you’ve been paying attention to the news lately, you may know that hackers had already figured out a way to wreak this kind of havoc on many of the cars on the road today. Hackers Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek were able to remotely hack into Fiat Chrysler’s Uconnect system, allowing them to control numerous vehicle functions including its dashboard, steering, brakes and transmission. While previous hacks had shown the ability to control functions of some vehicles when being physically connected to Read more ›

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Does Renting Aleratec Equipment Make Sense for Your Company?

Companies with less frequent duplication and tablet deployment requirements now have the option of renting.

Regardless of industry, most businesses have to purchase copiers, printers, computers and other tangible equipment at some point. When such assets are used regularly over long periods at a time, owning makes financial sense. The vast majority of Aleratec customers purchase our equipment because they duplicate/sanitize hard disk drives, USB flash drives and optical discs on a regular basis. But what if you’re only going to use the equipment occasionally or even just once? For these customers, Aleratec now offers a cost-effective technology rental program for many of its most popular and powerful products.

So, when does it make sense to rent versus buy? Read more ›

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