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Blu-ray Media Continues Earning Space in New Storage Environments

Blu-ray is no longer just a medium that is used for distributing movies and video games. For organizations big or small, and for users who need to store as much as 50 GB of data onto a single piece of media, Blu-ray media are ideal.

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Optical Media and Online Storage

Data is now being stored by some users on offsite storage servers. However, optical media such as DVD still has some advantages over this option.

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In a World of New Storage Options, Optical Discs Retain their Utility

The digital storage landscape has changed a lot over the last decade. However, despite all of the newer storage options, Optical media is still being used for specific applications where the new technologies sometimes fall short.

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Hard Drive Makers Find a New Way to Add Capacity

In order to add more capacity to hard disk drives, makers are moving to 4096 byte sectors, allowing for more usable space.

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