Shredders for Credit Cards and CD/DVD/Blu-ray Discs

We’ve covered a wide range of approaches to protecting your data.  From hard disk drives that have built-in encryption to flash drives that have built-in bio-authentication and encryption to encryption software that can protect your hard or flash drives, we’ve looked at many different approaches.

Here’s a new one for you – how about brute force?

In today’s world, you or your organization’s data can be stored in almost no space.  It may even be in places where you don’t even consider the data to reside.

CDOptical discs – CDs, DVDs and even recordable Blu-ray discs can hold a LOT of data.  Blu-ray discs can store up to 50 GB (that’s GIGAbytes) of data on one disc.  This number will soon increase, with future capacities of up to 125 GB.   Clearly, you wouldn’t want the information on these discs to fall into the wrong hands.  Credit cards also hold information that you need to protect from potential misuse.

So – back to Brute Force.

There are various ways to “destroy” your old credit cards unusable.  Years ago, the advice from the card companies was to cut or break the card in half.  Today, a more appropriate approach would be to cut it into pieces – this way, you are making it even harder to make any attempts at reassembling and stealing the information.  If you’re feeling like a super person, you might try bending the card in half.  One blender company even demonstrates how to pulverize an optical disc (and an iPhone, and other items) by tossing it into the blender.

Clearly, there are ways to make credit cards unusable.  There are also methods for making optical discs – CDs, DVDs, and even Blu-Ray discs unreadable.

Perhaps one of the simplest ways to render credit cards, plastic ID cards and other plastic cards unusable; and to make Optical discs unreadable is with an Aleratec DVD/CD shredder.  These devices cut optical media and plastic cards into strips.  Quickly.   Easily.  Effectively.  They’re easier and faster than most other methods.

Aleratec offers a line of DVD/CD shredders (that also do a good job on Blu-ray discs), ranging from a single purpose shredder (like the Aleratec DVD/CD Shredder, Part#240143) up to shredders that also make confetti out of paper (like the Aleratec DVD/CD Shredder Plus DS18, Part#240147).

Maintaining the paper shredding components of the Aleratec DVD/CD Shredders can be easy, too, with the newly announced (and now shipping) Shredder Lubricant Packs (Aleratec Part #240165).

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