Copying Optical Discs – CD, DVDs, Blu-Ray in Minutes Part 3


In addition to its CD/DVD Duplicators/Publishers, Aleratec also offers standalone and computer connected models that are capable of Blu-ray duplication.  These devices are equipped with drives that can create CDs and DVDs, in addition to Blu-ray discs.

Although the Blu-ray duplicators will not duplicate copy-protected Blu-Ray discs, they are capable of making multiple copies of titles to which copy protection has not been applied.

The current line of Aleratec Blu-ray duplicators are all capable of printing LightScribe CD or DVD labels onto CD and DVD LightScribe media.

Mac Capable

In the first two blogs in this series, I’ve looked at standalone and computer connected duplicators.  I’ve noted that both types of devices can be connected to a computer, although for different purposes.  For computer connected units, the computer handles control of disc creation.  For standalone units, disc image and label files can be transferred to a hard drive built into the publishers.

However, I haven’t yet made it clear that many of Aleratec’s computer connected optical disc duplicators/publishers are also compatible with Mac computers, including some of the robotic ones.

If your organization or business wants to use Macs to create CD or DVD discs, the Mac-compatible Aleratec duplicators and publishers will work just fine.   Being able to burn multiple discs at a time could be of great benefit to organizations using Macintosh computers.

Robotic Publishers

The duplicators/publishers already described are great choices for organizations that want to produce many discs in a short amount of time, but they may not be the best choice for an organization or business that wants to produce large amounts without operator interaction.  The devices previously described require a person to remove the copied discs from the device once the copies have been made, and to load new discs into the duplicator so the next set can be made.

Robotic publishers remove most of the need for operator interaction.  Robotic publishers have the ability to automatically place a disc into a recorder, and remove and stack each completed disc without any supervision.  The main human intervention required, other than starting the device, is to load a stack of blank discs and remove the stack of completed discs.

Aleratec offers models that can create either LightScribe labels or write data to a disc, as well as fully automatic models that can automatically flip a disc, writing data on the data side and burning a LightScribe label onto the other.

One quick reminder – to assure successful publishing results, consider using high quality media as your recording targets.  Aleratec offers a broad range of duplication quality CD, DVD and Blu-ray media, with and without LightScribe capabilities.

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