When One Copy Isn’t Enough

Today’s world is all about speed. Why? Because time is money.

Picture this: A software developer needs to quickly distribute multiple copies of their latest build to beta testers… A graphic artist must send multiple copies of their work to offices around the globe… A marketing department needs copies of discs full of matching data sent to various locations…

Copies, copies, copies! How long do you want to spend in front of your computer making all of these disc copies that you need so badly?

The most efficient solution in all of the above scenarios is to use what our industry calls a tower duplicator. Tower duplicators simultaneously generate multiple copies of optical discs and are both fast and convenient. Aleratec Blu-ray/DVD/CD duplicator with LightScribeAleratec’s new 1:4 Blu-ray DVD CD Tower Publisher HLS Duplicator (part number 260165) is the company’s latest response to their customers’ “need for speed” and is truly a professional-grade device with progressive features.

The 1:4 Blu-ray DVD CD Tower Publisher HLS Duplicator has the ability to burn up to 4 DVDs, CDs, or Blu-ray discs simultaneously with up to 50GB of data. Plus, you can actually personalize your discs by burning LightScribe silkscreen-quality labels directly onto each one. That’s right, you can duplicate and personalize discs using one powerhouse solution. Translation? Your personalized, duplicated discs get into the mail quicker.

Just connect the tower duplicator to a computer and it’s show time. You will complete the entire duplication process literally 300% faster than if you were using a single drive. That’s a whole lot of speed. The LightScribe technology actually allows you to start personalizing one label while burning another. There is no downtime and no waiting whatsoever. You can get 1 disc clearly labeled in as little as 22.5 seconds, and 4 discs labeled in less than 1.5 minutes. Think of all the things you can get done with the extra time you’ll have on your hands.

So, take a moment to check out Aleratec’s new 1:4 Blu-ray DVD CD Tower Publisher HLS Duplicator. If you have any questions, please let us know and one of our customer service or sales representatives will get back to you.

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