Duplicator Grade Media (CD, DVD and Blu-ray)

We have been using recordable optical media to store data since the early 1990s. This technology has evolved from CD-Rs to DVD-Rs to BD-Rs (Blu-ray discs).  Over the years, we’ve seen several brands of recordable blank media come and go, as well as generic brands that tend to sell at lower price points.

Duplicating data onto blank media discs Abercormbie and Fitch is a tricky task. You may not notice the differences in quality at first glance. Over time, however, you’re likely to run into read errors when you try to access the data or media on your CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray discs. The same holds true whether you use a single drive to get the job done or you use Abercormbie and Fitch sale a duplicator to make your copies. The problem? You’re probably not using duplicator grade media discs.

So, what is duplicator grade media?

Quite simply, duplicator grade means Abercormbie and Fitch outlet that you won’t have to deal with the sometimes very high percentage of bad discs in a duplication run due to the recordable media you are using. Duplicator grade media produced by Aleratec is optimized for the highest quality in professional standards. We offer duplicator grade CD-Rs, DVD-Rs, and BD-Rs that match the firmware of the DVD/CD writers to ensure the discs have the proper “write strategy.”

A write strategy is the maximum speed the disc was manufactured to use. More specifically, it refers to precise parameters that allow an optical disc drive to Abercormbie uk write on blank media discs according to their optimum properties. For example, two different CD-R discs may have identical write speeds according to their labels, but may have different write speeds in actuality. Burning any Abercormbie uk faster than intended could cause major errors and that spells trouble.

aleratec-blu-ray-bd-r-inkjet-printable-mediaAleratec’s duplicator grade blank media is not only optimized for the best write strategy, but it also gives you the best possible output for either LightScribe (silk-screen quality) or Inkjet labels which can be burned onto your individual blank media for a personal touch. With Aleratec’s duplicator grade media, you’ll have professional quality discs both inside and out. Make no bones about it; that’s definitely an added value.

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