Wish You Could Take Your USB Flash Drive Duplicator With You?

USB flash drives have become one of the most widely used tools to share data and multimedia files due to their size, convenience and near universal compatibility. Sometimes, we need to make copies of our USB flash drives while we’re on the go.

  • A salesperson or marketing professional travels the country and distributes sales and marketing collateral on USB flash drives at presentations or trade shows.
  • A teacher or professor moves from room to room and gives out class assignments and study materials on USB flash drives.
  • A government worker distributes important, up-to-the-minute information to various offices and agencies on thumb drives.
  • A musician gives out copies of the band’s latest track while on tour.

These are just a few examples of busy individuals who need to make large numbers of USB flash drive copies to distribute important information to the masses while on the move.

Traditional USB duplicators are large, bulky, and even heavy devices.  Some USB flash drive duplicators can weigh over 50 lbs!  That type of device definitely can’t be taken with you to a trade show or out-of-town meeting. That leaves only two options for people: make all your USB flash drive copies prior to “hitting the road,” or create them one by one with your laptop computer. In either case, making updates or corrections later must be done one flash drive at a time, which is beyond a painstakingly slow and tedious process. These problems inspired Aleratec to design the perfect tool for professionals who need a portable solution for USB flash drive duplication.

When paired with a laptop computer, the 1:10 USB Copy Cruiser Mini can copy up to 10 USB flash drives at a time. Plus, it is so small and light, that it can easily fit into a briefcase or laptop bag. With the 1:10 USB Copy Cruiser Mini, you can make last-minute changes and updates to the content on your USB flash drives no matter where you are based. It works with most Windows systems and has advanced features like Format, Verify and Image Copy.

aleratec-1-to-10-usb-copy-cruiser-mini-flash-drive-duplicatorSo if you’re a “Road Warrior” using USB flash drives to reach your customers or increase your business, consider using the 1:10 USB Copy Cruiser Mini. After all, it was literally built for you.

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