Tips for Improving Your LightScribe Label Results

LightScribe DiscsAleratec is proud to offer the most innovative technology in label-making: LightScribe. This amazing system allows you to Burberry Scarf actually burn silkscreen-quality labels directly onto compatible CD and DVD discs with artwork you can customize however you see fit. Using LightScribe requires four parts: a compatible drive (DVD or CD), LightScribe media, DVD/CD labeling software with LightScribe support and LightScribe’s system software.

Those of you who are already using this great tool may know Burberry Scarf sale that the LightScribe System Software includes a LightScribe Control Panel where you can choose all of the various settings for your silkscreen-quality labels. Here is where you can Burberry Scarf uk find the first options for improving your label results. If you select the enhanced contrast setting, for example, your labels will appear darker. Keep in mind though that darker LightScribe labels means you will need more time to complete the burning process.

To create custom LightScribe DVD or CD labels, it’s best to start with a grey scale or black and white graphic image. If you’re using design software like Adobe Photoshop, simply select the mode option off the Image menu to convert your Burberry sale image to grey scale. Be sure to hit “Save As” so your original color file is kept intact.

If you don’t already have image editing software, you can use Picasa which is a free application available from Google. Picasa provides users with lots of Burberry uk editing tools to help you fix common problems in photos and/or create unique effects in your images. You can download Picasa here. Once downloaded, just double-click an image that you wish to edit and select the “Effects” tab. Here, you’ll see 12 different options, including “Black and White.” Click on “Black and White” and your image will be converted instantly. Hit “Save As” under the File menu to keep the original image in color. Now, you’re ready to create LightScribe labels for your DVDs or CDs.

Aleratec’s LightScribe duplicators and publishers are fine-tuned to not only include the best possible write strategy for Aleratec Duplicator Grade media, but also to provide the highest quality label results when using Aleratec Duplicator Grade media. Built with LightScribe technology and top-notch disc labeling software, Aleratec’s duplicators and publishers offer an amazing solution to customers who need to duplicate and publish discs with personalized, high-quality, laser-etched labels.

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