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The Power of AES 256 Encryption

Make no mistake, data encryption is one of the most successful methods of securing information. Effective data encryption can protect you or your business from confidential data falling into the wrong hands, so it’s important to get a better understanding

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Hardware vs. Software Based Encryption for USB Flash Drives

When choosing a Secure USB Flash Drive to transport your sensitive data, you will get the most protection and performance from a drive that uses hardware based encryption. Here’s why…

Encryption is the process of transforming information–text or data–using an algorithm (a specific set of rules or steps) to make it unreadable to anyone except those possessing special knowledge, or the key. (We’ll talk more about this in our next post when we look at AES-256 encryption). The process of encrypting or decrypting data can be performed two ways: software encryption which uses some of the processing power in your computer to execute the algorithm or hardware encryption.

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The Secret To Maximum Aleratec Savings

The Aleratec Outlet Store online offers savings of up to 75%. For anyone looking for a great deal, the Aleratec Outlet Store is the perfect place to shop.
Customers using the online outlet include prosumers–such as wedding and event videographers–who want professional grade equipment at great prices; start-ups and educators working with tight budgets; State and Local governments looking to stretch their dollars; even large companies wisely watching their department budgets (including a Fortune 500 or two).

Price isn’t the only reason to shop at the Aleratec Outlet Store. Besides deals and savings you won’t find anywhere else, you’ll also find a much broader selection of Aleratec products than you would anywhere else you might shop. With this broad selection, you can be guaranteed to find a wide range of price points to meet almost every budget.

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Disc Gone Bad

We’ve all had it happen. Our favorite DVDs or our most important CDs suddenly became scratched and seem to be beyond repair. Optical discs (CDs/DVDs and Blu-ray discs) are very durable but it’s practically impossible to keep them scratch free. One minor scratch can result in a huge loss of data or a skip and even cause lock up on game discs. Most people would toss that scratched disc in the garbage, but unless the scratch is very deep or is located on the label side of the disc (commonly called foil damage), there’s actually another solution: repair the scratch or clean the disc to restore satisfactory operation.

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