Extending Partitions in Windows XP

As you probably already know, there are plenty of reasons to upgrade the capacity of a hard drive in your computer, or the fleet of computers you are responsible for at work. The Michael Kors Handbags easiest way to create a new hard drive is to build a master drive and then use a hard drive duplicator (or HDD copier) such as one of Aleratec’s HDD duplicators to make a perfect clone. This means your 500GB HDD will have a partition 250GB but will also have 250GB of unused space available.

In the past, we’ve discussed using Extend to increase the partition size in Windows 7. According to the latest results calculated from Michael Kors bags nearly 3 million sites by StatCounter, Windows 7 now leads the OS market for desktops by 31.71% but 31.56% of users are still running Windows XP. So, let’s address XP users.

With Windows XP and Server 2003, Microsoft included a command line utility to increase Michael Kors uk partition size called DiskPart. If your copies of XP or Server 2003 did not come with it, you can easily download it here.
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To start DiskPart, follow these 6 simple steps:

1.  Click “Start” and then “Run.”
2.  In the empty box, type “CMD” and hit Enter. A new window will pop up.
3.  In the new window, type “DiskPart” and hit Enter again.

4.  Now, type “list volume” to display the existing volumes on the computer.

5.  Type “select volume” and the volume number you wish to extend. Then, hit Enter.

6.  Type “extend” and hit Enter. When the extend command is complete, you should receive a message which states that DiskPart has successfully extended the volume.

If you need assistance with DiskPart at any time, simply type “DiskPart/?” and you’ll find help.

Users who want to extend partitions have other options available to them as well in the form of third party commercial applications such as EASEUS Partition Master and Acronis Disk Director Suite, both of which offer additional functionality.

As I mentioned earlier, however, the absolute easiest way to upgrade the capacity of your hard drive is by copying the hard drive to create a master and then duplicating it with a hard drive duplicator.  Aleratec offers a variety of HDD duplicators that range in size from a 1:1 all the way up to a 1:11, so you can literally create 11 new hard drive duplicates simultaneously if necessary.

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