Practice Safe Computing and Travel Safely – with Aleratec PortaStor Secure 256-bit AES Hardware Encrypted USB Flash Drives

You may have already heard the story. In October of 2010, AmeriHealth Mercy insurance of Philadelphia lost a portable flash drive that contained personal information about 280,000 Medicaid members. It was a major privacy breach and a company reputation nightmare. Unfortunately, privacy debacles like this one are not isolated cases. Over the years, we’ve learned about several companies that have misplaced USB flash drives holding significant amounts of confidential data. Concerned about information falling into the wrong hands, Aleratec has developed PortaStor Secure 256-bit AES Hardware Encrypted USB Flash Drives.

Businesses store all kinds of sensitive information on USB flash drives such as credit card data, social security numbers, financial information, confidential client lists, employee information, top-secret business proposals or development plans, and more. If this type of private information was unintentionally exposed to the wrong person, a company could face major legal and financial ramifications as a result. Therefore, encrypted flash drives (or secure USB flash drives) are essential to properly protect data.

Aleratec-16GB-Encrypted-256-AES-USB-Flash-DriveAleratec’s PortaStor Secure product line of USB flash drives uses a time-proven, always-on hardware encryption known as 256-bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) that was approved by The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in 2001 after a five year standardization process. This stable, time-proven method of encrypting data has become a worldwide standard for data at rest, as issued by government agencies across the globe.

Some of the features of Aleratec’s PortaStor Secure USB Flash Drives include:

  • Automatic military strength encryption of all data copied to the secure partition of the USB flash drive;
  • No additional action required by the user to encrypt the data on the secure partition;
  • Inability for encryption on the secure partition to be disabled;
  • Brute-force attack protection by auto formatting the secure partition after six failed attempts to unlock the drive;
  • Zero overhead because there is no software installation required;
  • Self-service password recovery; and
  • Available in four capacity points: 16GB, 8GB, 4GB, and 2GB.

Customers can find Aleratec’s PortaStor Secure USB Flash Drives at leading resellers throughout North America and on Aleratec’s website at

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