Double Layer LightScribe Duplicator Grade Media Now Available — DL Format Simplifies Duplication of Large Amounts of Video and Data

The need to author or duplicate more than a couple hours of high-quality video or more than 4.7GB of data on a LightScribe compatible disc can mean unnecessary frustration.  Until recently, options for burning this much data on a LightScribe disc were limited.  Now, you can have more capacity on a highly reliable disc that is compatible with the LightScribe labeling system.  We have added media in the DVD+R DL format (Part Number 300120) to our popular LightScribe Duplicator Grade media line.

The Double Layer (DL) format provides 8.5 GB of storage capacity and will hold up to four hours of the highest-quality video or up to 16 hours of VHS-quality video.  Until recently, 4.7GB was the highest capacity available in the DVD format on a LightScribe compatible disc.

Aleratec 300120The storage capacity of the DL disc is increased by the addition of a second physical recording layer separated from the first by an optically transparent layer called the “spacer.”  A DL compatible drive shines a laser through the first semi-transparent layer to access the second, and focuses the laser up or down in its range to access either layer.  The first recordable layer is reflective enough to allow the laser to read and write data on that layer, while also being transparent enough to allow enough laser power through to read and write data on the second layer.  The second layer is very sensitive to the reduced level of laser power transmitted to it.  This layer must also be highly reflective to maximize the light returned to the recorder for proper signal detection.

DL technology increases the capacity on a single recording side of a DVD+R disc.  This is ideal for use with the LightScribe system.  With LightScribe technology, you can use the same drive that burns your data to also burn a laser-etched label directly onto your LightScribe compatible disc.  Once data is burned on the data side of the disc in your LightScribe drive, the disc is flipped and the label is burned on the label side of the disc which is specially coated to receive a laser-etched image.

In addition to LightScribe media designed to produce disc labels with superior sharpness and clarity, Aleratec offers a selection of LightScribe-enabled DVD CD publishers complete with the powerful Aleratec Disc Publishing Software Suite.  Furthermore, Aleratec’s Duplicator Grade blank media is optimized for error free data duplication, making for professional quality discs both inside and out.

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