The Benefits of a Disc Duplicator with Included Hard Disk Drive

So you’re shopping for a Blu-ray, DVD or CD duplicator.  Why, you wonder, are there disc duplicators that feature an included hard disk drive?  What does an HDD have to do with copying DVDs, CDs or Blu-ray discs?

hard disk driveThere are several advantages available when a hard disk drive is incorporated in your disc duplicator.  These include increased duplication capacity, simplified file storage and faster, more reliable disc duplication.

When copying disc-to-disc with a disc duplicator, you have to have a source drive.  When one of the drives on your disc duplicator is designated as a source drive, the number of available target drives is reduced, as is the number of duplicates that can be made at one time.  Some duplicators, such as the Aleratec 1:4 Blu-ray/DVD/CD Tower Duplicator SA and 1:8 Blu-ray/DVD/CD Tower Duplicator SA have a source disc drive that can double as a target drive when using the included hard disk drive as the source drive.  That means you have an additional available target drive when using the HDD as your source.

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The Aleratec 1:4 Blu-ray/DVD/CD Tower Duplicator SA has a built-in removable hard disk drive.

Some disc duplicators with included hard drives can be connected directly to a computer with a USB cable so you can simply drag and drop files from your computer to the hard drive.  In some models it is not necessary to create image files.  You can simply drag and drop a folder or directory from your PC to the hard drive, and burn the contents from the hard drive to target discs.*

With its large storage capacity, you can store files for duplication from multiple source discs on the hard drive and avoid having to keep those multiple source discs on hand.  This is also a good practice because data stored on optical discs with exposed read/write surfaces is more susceptible to damage from handling than that stored on hard disks.

Ideally, the hard drive can be removed from the duplicator.  You can then move the hard drive to a safer location for storage, if necessary.  Aleratec’s family of Blu-ray/DVD/CD Tower Duplicators have a removable hard drive with a keyed lock for further protection.  The HDD will not work unless it is secured in position and locked with the key.

Using a hard disk as your source optimizes copying stability.  Also, the read speed of most hard disks is much faster than the maximum write speed of a CD, DVD or Blu-ray disc, using a hard disk as your source also optimizes duplication speed as the stream of data from your source drive can move faster than it can be written to the target disc.

All of these advantages make an included hard disk drive a very desirable feature in any Blu-ray, DVD or CD duplicator.

*The Aleratec family of Blu-ray/DVD/CD Tower Duplicators SA only supports duplicating from folders on the duplicator HDD to DVDs and CDs.

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