Standalone Disc Duplicator: Sourcing Data from a Disc vs. a Hard Disk Drive

Both standalone and computer-connected disc duplicators will quickly and efficiently copy DVD, CD and Blu-ray discs. However, a standalone disc duplicator does not have to be controlled from a separate computer; controls are on the duplicator itself.

disc duplicator standalone

Aleratec 1:1 DVD/CD Copy Cruiser Pro HS with simple, intuitive control panel

As a result, a standalone disc duplicator does not have to be located near a controlling computer and users do not have to tie up a separate computer in order to copy discs.

The first step when copying DVDs, CDs or Blu-ray discs using a standalone disc duplicator is to load your source data into the duplicator.

One way to do this is to use a source disc.  The data to be duplicated must be burned to a disc which is then used as the source disc.  Your target discs will be duplicates of this source disc.  The source disc is then placed in a source drive on your standalone disc duplicator.  The source drive reads the data on the source disc and transfers the data to the target drives where it is written to the target discs.

If your standalone disc duplicator has a hard disk drive, the process of transferring and storing source data can be simplified.  The hard disk drive can serve as a source drive in addition to the optical disc source drive.

disc duplicator tower

Aleratec 1:8 Blu ray DVD CD Tower Duplicator with hard disk drive

Duplicating from a hard drive can be faster than duplicating from a source disc, and a hard disk can be more reliable as a source than an optical disc, further minimizing the chance for errors.

Oftentimes, source files can be conveniently copied directly to this hard drive by connecting the disc duplicator to a computer through a USB connection.

In some standalone disc duplicators, when using the hard drive as your source, the drive where you would normally place your source disc can be used as a target drive, allowing you to create an additional disc copy.

Storing source files on a hard disk drive that stays with your disc duplicator can be more convenient than storing source discs separately.  Some of these hard disk drives can be locked in place for added security.  Some are removable so they can be stored in a secure location.

For more information, see the Aleratec Standalone Disc Duplicator Buyer’s Guide.

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