Is It Charged Yet? Time-saving Cable Reveals Smartphone Battery Status

It wasn’t long ago when smartphones and tablets were fictional devices on Federation Starships. Today, mobile devices and mobile accessories are commonplace as three-year-old tots tap away on tablets and grandparents check the NASDAQ on their iPhones. Most people can’t imagine their lives without their smartphone or tablet, and apps keep getting better every day. Battery technology, unfortunately, can’t seem to keep up with these ubiquitous devices and keeping an iPhone or Android fully charged can feel like a part-time job.

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Aleratec's Problem-Solving Charge-Glo Cable

Cell phone batteries are the dilithium crystals of our time. If you run out of charge, you’ll search the galaxy for an available outlet. However, when it comes to mobile charging, there is an inherent flaw in many smartphones and other mobile devices. When the phone or tablet is turned on, an indicator light, usually a battery icon in the corner of the screen, gives you the percentage of battery power remaining. When a device is turned off and connected to a mobile charger, the screen often shows a larger battery icon that illustrates the charging progress.

To preserve precious battery life, mobile devices have a built-in function that puts the screen to sleep when the device has not been activated for a certain period of time. The screen goes dark and you have no idea when the phone is charged. Not knowing when the device is charged can be inconvenient, particularly when you’re traveling.

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Charge-Glo Cable Shows Charging Status of Mobile Devices

Take this scenario. You’re at Chicago O’Hare Airport and your iPhone is low or out of charge. You find an outlet near Gate 12B but you have to sit three seats down. Once the device’s screen goes dark, you can’t see the charging status, and the only way to tell if it’s fully charged is to wake the screen. You get up, leave your stuff “unattended” and check the screen, only to find the phone is not yet fully charged. In the comfort of home this can be an annoyance; on the road it can be a royal pain.

Smartphones are remarkable but designers and engineers can’t solve every little inconvenience, which is why companies like Aleratec, invent cables like the Charge-Glo Sync Cable. This inexpensive cable plugs into a compatible iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. A bright LED light on the cable can be seen from across the room. The light glows red when the device is not charged then blue when the device is fully charged, avoiding the hassle of having to wake the screen.  Problem solved. View this and other high-quality mobile accessories at

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