Computer-Connected LightScribe Duplicators: A High-Value Disc Publishing Option

Lightscribe discsUnlike the standalone variety, computer-connected disc duplicators are connected to a computer via cable connection and are controlled by software running on that PC.  Computer-connected LightScribe duplicators are equipped with LightScribe optical drives that can burn data and can also burn text and graphics onto the surface of a specially coated DVD or CD using the drive’s laser.  With these units, users are able to burn and label CD and DVDs using just one device.

Of course, software must be loaded to the computer used with your computer-connected disc duplicator to enable the duplication process. The duplicator is typically bundled with the applications that will provide the necessary functionality. Some software has additional features that enhance or simplify the duplication process. For example, computer-connected duplication software may facilitate the compilation and organization of audio, video or photo files to create custom discs.

Lightscribe Disc Duplicator

The Aleratec 1:4 Blu-ray/DVD/CD Tower Publisher HLS is a computer-connected disc duplicator that also burns labels on up to four discs at a time.

To create LightScribe labels, you will also need LightScribe System Software installed on your Mac or PC.  You must use this software to create label images in the correct format to be etched on LightScribe discs. Duplication software will then use the existing connection between your Mac or PC and your LightScribe-enabled disc duplicator to label the discs, creating discs with custom DVD or CD labels.

Typically, purchasing a computer-controlled disc duplicator requires a smaller investment than standalone disc duplicators. Choosing a computer-connected disc duplicator does not mean you are compromising duplication quality or flexibility, making them an exceptional value.  The addition of LightScribe capability makes the value proposition even more compelling, given that it can both burn and label your discs.

If controlling your duplicator from a connected computer is a manageable option, then a computer-connected LightScribe duplicator could be a convenient, high-value solution for your disc publishing needs.

Aleratec offers several Computer-Connected Blu-ray and DVD CD Duplicators with LightScribe:

  • Aleratec 1:4 Blu-ray DVD CD Tower Publisher HLS Duplicator – Part 260165
  • Aleratec DVD CD RoboRacer LS Duplex Win/Mac – Part 280113
  • Aleratec DVD CD RoboRacer LS Fully Automatic LightScribe Publisher – Part 280110
  • Aleratec 1:4 DVD CD Tower Publisher HLS LightScribe Publishing System Win/Mac – Part 260170
  • Aleratec 1:3 DVD CD Tower Publisher HLS Win/Mac – LightScribe Tower Publisher – Part 260179
  • Aleratec 1:2 DVD CD Copy Cruiser Pro HLX – LightScribe Publishing System Win/Mac – Part 260167
  • 1:3 DVD CD LightScribe Auto Publisher – Part 280106
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