Automatic Shredders Insure Information Security

If handling sensitive data is part of your business, you need to have a data security plan in place.  Investing in an automatic shredder will allow you and your employees to easily implement such a plan.

automatic shredderShredders are a reliable way to make information unreadable before it is disposed of.  Automatic shredders enable implementation of your data security plan without compromising productivity. This is a concern for companies that process a high volume of information.

Relying on an outside service can be expensive and create additional unnecessary risks.  It means materials to be shredded must be collected and stored, leaving them vulnerable to theft.  The Federal Trade Commission advises you to keep only the documents that you need for operation and properly dispose of what you no longer need as soon as possible.

You want to make sure that information is destroyed in a prompt, safe manner, but you don’t want to pull your team way from profitable activities.  An automatic shredder with a high capacity will help you accomplish that goal.  Once documents are loaded into an automatic shredder’s feed tray, the user is free to attend to other business while the shredder takes care of the rest.

shredder autofeed trayAleratec’s RoboShredder Plus, for example, is designed for businesses that take data security seriously and desire an efficient means of compliance.  It has an autofeed tray that can be loaded with up to 240 sheets of paper.  This large capacity minimizes the number of times the tray has to be loaded to complete large jobs.  Once loaded it will automatically begin and complete the shredding process without user intervention.  In addition, the tray can be locked, so even in the workplace, sensitive documents are protected while the shredding process is completed.

Shred size is an additional consideration.  The smaller the shred size, the more difficult it is for sensitive documents to be reconstructed.  The RoboShredder Plus will cross cut paper and credit cards to a shred size of just 3 x 9 millimeters.  This shred size meets Level P-4 Based on DIN (Deutches Institut für Normung) Standard 66399 for paper shredding and is perfect for safely destroying confidential documents and data.

The RoboShredder Plus will also strip cut Blu-ray, DVD or CD discs into three strips, rendering any data on the disc unreadable.

automatic shredder binKeeping a shredder, or shredders, in convenient locations will facilitate safe record disposal. The FTC suggests making shredders available throughout the workplace, including next to the photocopier.

Credit card receipts, papers or discs with information that is used for personal identification expose customers to identity theft.  Your business may have to comply with federal and state regulations that require you to take reasonable measures to prevent unauthorized access to such information.  More importantly, your business and its reputation could be damaged if this information gets into the wrong hands.

The RoboShredder Plus is just one of the shredders offered by Aleratec that can shred paper, credit cards, Blu-ray discs, DVDs or CDs.  There is a shredder to satisfy any business’s information security needs and budget.

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