Compact Hard Disk Drive Duplicators: Their Value Travels from Work to Home

There is no debating the value of using a hard disk drive duplicator to copy hard drives.  It is faster and simpler to use a disk duplicator than to use available software, especially when duplicating multiple disks. Organizations and individuals that work with hard drives on a regular basis turn to HDD duplicators for fast and accurate copies, increasing productivity and reducing costs.

hard disk drive duplicator and dock

The Aleratec 1:1 HDD Copy Dock USB3.0 Hard Disk Drive Duplicator is a portable HDD Duplicator and Dock that is compatible with a variety of types of hard drives.

A hard drive duplicator is designed specifically for making one or more copies, often without tying up a computer that might be needed for other functions. HDD duplicating software packages are typically much more complicated and time-consuming to use compared to the few button pushes it takes to clone an HDD using a duplicator.

Despite multiple reasons to use a hard disk drive duplicator, potential users who duplicate disks in smaller quantities may question the value of the investment.  But these users don’t have to give up the speed and quality a hard disk duplicator provides just because they are not duplicating large numbers of disks.  For these users, there are affordable compact hard disk drive duplicators that can create from one to three perfect clones or backup drives at a time.

These compact, portable HDD duplicators are simple to operate and in a price range that makes sense for the home user, but they can also be useful tools for the IT professional responsible for building and upgrading computer systems.  IT professionals will find a portable duplicator especially useful when they are working on systems or system components at remote locations.

Reasons both home and business users will find a compact hard disk drive duplicator useful include:

  • Replacing a failing hard drive or upgrading to a drive with higher capacity.
  • Duplicating a notebook hard drive to a desktop hard drive or vice versa.
  • Copying a master disc image to an additional hard drive.

A hard drive duplicator must be compatible with the type of HDDs you want to duplicate. Today, with organizations incorporating more mobile devices into their IT systems, it is sometimes necessary to transfer data between notebooks, which typically have 2.5” hard drives, and desktop systems which frequently have 3.5” hard drives.  Solid State Drives are often offered in the 2.5” drive format.  The SSDs enable fast booting, fast loading of applications, and can result in an overall boost in system performance so it may be desirable to transfer data between notebook, desktop, and SSD drives.

There are compact duplicators that are compatible with more than one type of hard drive.  You can see how this versatility can increase the value of a hard drive duplicator. The Aleratec 1:1 HDD Copy Dock USB3.0, for example, can duplicate both 2.5” and 3.5” SATA hard disk drives.  In fact, it can duplicate any combination of these two drives.  It can also duplicate solid-state drives (SSDs). Compact Flash (CF) memory, CFast memory and 50mm mSATA drives using optional adapters (not included).

As an added value, some smaller hard drive duplicators also function as hard drive docks.  Docks can give users instant access to the contents of the connected hard disk drives via a connected PC.  With a dock, users can add additional storage to an existing computer or just manage their HDDs more conveniently.  So a compact hard disk drive duplicator dock can actually add value to existing hardware.

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