When It Comes to Speed and Efficiency, Not All Robotic Duplicators are Created Equal

auto robotic disc duplicatorIf you duplicate large numbers of DVD or CD discs on a regular basis, a robotic disc duplicator will be the most efficient way to get these jobs done.  A robotic duplicator automates the process of loading the target drives in your disc duplicator which can save you a lot of time.  You don’t have to load, or reload individual target drives.  You just load the duplicator to its capacity with a single stack—after loading the source disc or disc image—and start the disc duplication process.

If you are selecting a robotic duplicator, duplication speed is an additional factor to consider.  While all robotic duplicators feature hands-free operation, quick completion of your large duplication project is an added bonus, especially if you have multiple projects on your agenda.

There are a number of other components that can impact duplication speed.  These include the drive speed of the duplicator, the type of discs duplicated and their write speed and quality.  But a primary factor will be the number of discs that can be duplicated simultaneously.

robotic automatic disc duplicator

The Aleratec 1:3 DVD CD RoboRacer MultiDrive has a unique drop and load system.

Most robotic duplicators can only create one duplicate disc at a time.  Usually, they have a robotic arm that either picks up a disc through its center hole or with a vacuum and moves it between the stack of blank discs, the target drive where the disc is duplicated and the stack of completed drives.

There are a couple of ways that Aleratec has improved on this system and both improvements are featured in its 1:3 DVD CD RoboRacer MultiDrive SA Duplicator:

  • It has three target drives that duplicate discs simultaneously.
  • It uses a simple drop system for loading and unloading discs (also available in the Aleratec DVD CD RoboRacer SA Stand Alone single-drive duplicator).

With three target drives, the RoboRacer can make three duplicates at one time.  That means it can complete your duplication job three times faster than a duplicator with a single target drive.

The drop system is a simpler mechanism with fewer moving parts than a robotic arm.  This makes it more reliable.  It is also gentle on the discs, minimizing wear and tear or possible disc damage.

If you have large duplication jobs to complete on a regular basis, a robotic disc duplicator is your best bet.  You can step up to the next level of speed and efficiency with a robotic duplicator with multiple drives, such as the 1:3 DVD CD RoboRacer MultiDrive SA Duplicator from Aleratec.

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