Aleratec’s Next-Gen RoboJet Disc AutoPrinter: Four Times as Fast with the Features That Made It Famous

Disc labeling can be a labor of love, or loathing, depending on the machine. If you’re limited to a handful of discs at a time, well, you’re going to need to stick around to re-load. If you happen to have an autoprinter, but it doesn’t have good print technology, complex color graphics will look kludgy and unprofessional. Aleratec’s RoboJet Disc
360105 RoboJet Disc Autoloader AutoPrinter with Continuous Ink System has been solving these issues for some time, making it a popular product for industry professionals. With 6-color process printing, a continuous ink system, and a “load and go” function, it’s a beautiful machine that creates stacks of high-resolution graphics on as many as 100 CD, DVD, and Blu-ray discs at a time. Somehow this wasn’t enough for Aleratec’s “Type A” engineers. They wanted to make the RoboJet Disc AutoPrinter faster. Enter the next-gen RoboJet Disc AutoPrinter. The upgraded model includes all the popular features of its predecessor but has new drivers that quadruple the disc printing speed. Now if you own and love your RoboJet Disc AutoPrinter and think, “Hey, that’s not fair!”, don’t worry, Aleratec has you covered. We’re offering the new driver upgrade free of change. If you don’t have RoboJet Disc AutoPrinter, now is the time to get one because this disc labeler will have your discs printed faster than ever.

Load and Go

The Aleratec RoboJet Disc AutoPrinter is automatic, which means you can load 100 discs and complete large jobs without having to be anywhere near the printer. Go to lunch; catch up on back burner projects; get to know a new co-worker. The RoboJet does the work for you, and the continuous ink system prints as many as 1800 photo-quality images between refills.

Think About Ink

It’s become accepted practice for some manufacturers to charge consumers next to

410100 Black Ink for RoboJet Disc Autoloader

410100 Black Ink for RoboJet Disc Autoloader

nothing for a printer or disc labeler because they know they’ll make up the money on ink refills. Unlike other automatic disc printers that charge customers steep prices on ink refills, Aleratec’s RoboJet Disc AutoPrinter offers affordable ink refill bottles that let users refill the well that has run dry. The bean counters will love this feature because it can save hundreds of dollars on costly ink refills. The RoboJet Disc AutoPrinter is powered by Epson technology, the leader in high quality printing. It produces eye-popping color and detail, even when the graphic artist goes a little overboard on the design. A professionally labeled DVD, CD or Blu-ray disc can mean the difference in looking like a world-class organization or a guy printing discs in his garage. Aleratec’s RoboJet Disc AutoPrinter transforms disc labeling and printing from a cumbersome, time-consuming task to an efficient process that will save your organization time and money. The driver-enhanced RoboJet Disc AutoPrinter is available for order at and through authorized Aleratec resellers.  Owners of the RoboJet Disc AutoPrinter are eligible for a free upgrade by calling customer service at 1-866-882-5372.

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