There’s Nothing There—Certified Sanitization of Aleratec’s New Line of HDD Duplicators Means No Data Recovery

Recent events have placed terms like data breaches and security leaks back in the public consciousness. That’s not a bad thing. All people should be aware of the consequences of data breaches. At the very least a data breach can be embarrassing; at the most, it can destroy a company or government organization. Data security is an integral part of Aleratec technology and why we pursued Verification of Media Sanitization certificates for our new line of High-Speed HDD Duplicators. As of this posting, Aleratec is the first manufacturer of HDD Duplicators to achieve such status.Certified Hard Disk Drive Sanitization

You Don’t Know What You’re Missing

One of the country’s leading data recovery services has certified that hard drives sanitized with the 7-pass overwrite of Aleratec’s new HDD Duplicators meet the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) 800-88 standard. This is a big deal since data recovery services are in the business of finding erased data, which by the way, they’re very good at. When you erase a hard drive with a hard drive wiper or HDD duplicator and sanitizer, you absolutely do not want to leave behind any digital clues that a highly skilled recovery technician can follow. These folks are the CSI of forensic data recovery; if you’ve left even the smallest fragment of data behind, you can bet they will find it. What you believe to be a clean hard drive can be a treasure chest of financial data, patient records, intellectual property, client information, or other confidential data that can put a company or government branch at serious risk.

Compliance is Key

IT professionals involved in hard drive sanitation are keenly aware of NIST 800-88. This government guide is a standard for determining how data should be erased on a hard drives or other storage mediums. Meeting the requirements of NIST 800-88 is vital for many organizations to comply with any number of government or industry regulations. Aleratec’s new line of HDD Duplicators is a game changer.

Certified Sanitization for Hard Disk DrivesThe Verification of Media Sanitation certificates issued for hard drives sanitized by the 7-pass overwrite of Aleratec’s new line of HDD duplicators states without question that all digital data stored on the drives had been “permanently destroyed” and meet the criteria set forth in NIST 800-88. In other words, permanently destroyed means permanently destroyed; and no matter how clever a recovery expert is, your hard drive is clean.

So now you don’t just have to take Aleratec’s word for it, one of the country’s most respected data recovery organization—the people who are leading experts in finding traces of data on drives—are the ones confirming that the drives are really clean. To us, that’s what makes Certified Sanitation worth all the effort.

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