External Visual Indicators on Aleratec’s New High-Speed HDD Duplicators Keep Workflow in Check

Convenience features are a beautiful thing. Imagine life without a mute button, extra large beach towels or variable-speed windshield wipers. Convenience features make life a little easier, and Aleratec knows it. That’s why we build convenience features in every product we make, including our new high-speed, HDD duplicators* with Certified Sanitization.

1:11 HDD Copy Cruiser High-Speed duplicator and sanitizer

1:11 HDD Copy Cruiser High-Speed duplicator and sanitizer

In addition to serving as a high-speed HDD duplicators and hard drive wipers, these hard disk duplicators include visual indicator lights on the hard drive bays that confirm the copy and/or comparison is successful for each drive. This feature may seem trivial to the layperson, but IT professionals who work on large duplication jobs know how important an indicator LED can be.

Try as we might to plan the perfect duplication process, things happen. For instance, very old hard drives can have serious defects, which can cause errors with cloning; sometimes drives run so slowly they lock up, putting a ceremonious halt to your duplication efforts. Chances are you won’t be staring at the duplicator when a failure occurs but will learn about it only after you think the job is complete. Frustrating? You bet, because now you have to figure out which drive(s) failed.  Sometimes, the duplicator won’t tell you at all.  Other times, you have to use the controller to scroll through each drive to see which one failed.  Either way, this is robbing valuable time and company resources.

The visual indicator lights on Aleratec’s new line of High-Speed HDD duplicators are located on each bay and are a simple, convenient way of confirming the success of big and small jobs. While many of our competitors do not include this kind of visual indicator, Aleratec engineers believe that such features are important. They’ve been on the other side of that bay and understand that providing a clean hard drive is not always a cut and dry process. We also understand that your time is valuable and will continue to design products that preserve a positive workflow.

* High-Speed duplicator models with the confirmation indicator include part numbers 350125, 350126, 350127 and 350128.

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