What Can A Contest Teach A Company?

Plenty, if you’re willing to listen.
by Perry Solomon
When we launched our newly designed website at Aleratec.com, the team wanted to  do something special to announce the new design. It was a lot of hard work but everyone at Aleratec is quite pleased with the results—improved usability, easier ordering, and a cleaner look all around. Knowing that website launches and contests are not exactly big news anymore, we wanted to do something a little different to draw attention to the new site. Instead of announcing how wonderful the site is with a raffle or a Facebook drawing, we invited customers to criticize the site and launched the “Dig for Bugs, Win A Prize” contest.
Aleratec Dig for Bugs, Win a Prize Contest
The weeklong contest offered customers and new visitors to the site a chance to win prizes by discovering bugs on the site, and the top 10 submissions received prizes including TunePhonik headphones, ear buds and mini speakers. We weren’t sure how the contest would play out, but on the first day submissions started arriving. One customer discovered a bad link; another customer pointed out a registration error; and quite a few customers reminded our team of the proper use of possessive pronouns.
Was it a hit to our egos? Not at all. The Dig for Bugs, Win A Prize contest gave our web team a golden opportunity to find buried issues before they became a problem. Thanks to the submissions, Aleratec.com is easier and more efficient than ever for customers to navigate our broad range of products, order quickly and securely, and find answer to questions fast. Dig for Bugs, Win A Prize is just one of many steps we take to ensure a flawless experience for our customers, whether you’re on our website or on the phone with tech support.  The best way to find out how well a something works is to go directly to the people using it. Seems like a simple solution, doesn’t it?
Special thanks to all our customers who submitted to the contest and keep an eye out on our social media sites for upcoming contests and giveaways.
This blog was written and posted by Perry Solomon, President & CEO of Aleratec, Inc.
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