How Do Non-Scratch SATA (NSS) Connectors Protect Hard Disk Drives?


The 1:11 HDD Copy Cruiser Duplicator is one of many hard disk drive duplicators from Aleratec that uses Non-scratch SATA connectors.

by Perry Solomon

There are many factors, both external and internal, that can cause a hard disk drive to fail. The most notorious, of course, is a head crash, but there are other hidden threats to the hard-working hard drive. After all, hard disk drives are mechanical devices with many moving parts, and like any mechanical device, some parts can become damaged and eventually stop working.

An Ounce of Prevention

Aleratec makes some of the world’s best hard disk drive duplicators, and we’ve learned a thing or two on how to protect hard disk drives during the duplication process. One very important preventive measure is the Non-Scratch SATA (NSS) connectors included on our most popular HDD Duplicators. To the laymen, a SATA connector may seem insignificant; however, a scratched hard disk drive connector will send chills down the spine of an IT professional who knows what can happen when an HDD connector is damaged.

What does a SATA connector do? It physically attaches the hard disk duplicator to the hard disk drive and is a critical piece in the duplication process. Aleratec’s NSS connectors have leads that protrude down from above and make direct contact with the hard drive’s connector leads. This non-frictional connection prevents the hard drive’s connector leads from becoming scratched. In addition, Aleratec NSS SATA connectors are rated for more than 50,000 swap cycles.

Aleratec engineers pay close to attention to this kind of detail, because, often times, it’s a seemingly small feature that packs the most powerful punch in protecting and prolonging the life of a hard disk drive and the valuable data it stores.

Aleratec’s HDD Duplicators with NSS SATA connectors include:

1:5 HDD Copy Cruiser High-Speed Duplicator – Part # 350125
1:11 HDD Copy Cruiser High-Speed Duplicator -Part # 350126
1:16 HDD Copy Cruiser High-Speed Duplicator – Part # 350127
1:24 HDD Copy Cruiser High-Speed Duplicator – Part # 350128
1:5 HDD Cruiser Duplicator – Part #350104
1:11 HDD Copy Cruiser Duplicator – Part #350109

This blog was written and posted by Perry Solomon, President & CEO of Aleratec, Inc.

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