A Unique Contest for a Unique Crowd

Aleratec’s “My Makeshift Charging Station” Online Photo Contest gives educators a chance to turn their tangled and messy homemade tablet charging stations into a chance to win prizes.

At Aleratec we all understand how resourceful and ingenious educators can be. It wasn’t until we attended ISTE 2014, however, that we discovered exactly how inventive they could get with charging their various tablets, Chromebooks and other devices. As educators and administrators stopped by our booth to look at Aleratec PDM devices designed to charge, sync and safety store tablets for the classroom, many voiced a similar comment: “You should see what I have rigged up in my classroom!”

Off-the-grid solar-powered charging  station.

Off-the-grid solar-powered charging station.

That gave us an idea. Why not run a contest for educators and let them post their crazy contraptions and let others vote on the top three submissions? We recently launched the contest and as submissions begin to arrive, we’re learning something—educators will go to great lengths to make sure their students have the best opportunities for leaning. If that means creating a charging station inside a plastic bin or nailed to a two-by-four, so be it because classroom tablets must be charged, synced and ready to deploy.

Enter the “My Makeshift Charging Station,” a truly unique online photo contest that gives educators a chance to win prizes simply by posting a picture of their homemade station on the contest page. So what would literally take just a few moments of their time, will result in three lucky contestants receiving some very nice prizes:

1st Prize: Charge and Sync Station Mini 10 ($399 value)

2nd Prize: Heavy-duty Aleratec tablet desk mount ($99.99 value)

3rd Prize: Aleratec tablet stand mount with strap holder ($34.99 value)

The “My Makeshift Charging Station” contest will run from now unit October 8, 2014, and when the contest is over, we’ll choose the prize winners based on the top three with the most votes. The ultimate goal of the contest is to bring attention to Aleratec Portable Device Management and how these products can transform charging and syncing tablets in the classroom from atime-consuming hassle to an efficient and ready-to-deploy process. In the meantime, however, we’ll have a great time viewing and interacting with the many resourceful educators out there who take the time and the chance to enter. Good luck! 

It's a copier cart and tablet charging station!

It’s a copier cart and tablet charging station!


For more information and to review contest rules click here.

This blog was written and posted by Perry Solomon, President & CEO of Aleratec, Inc.

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