Snake Cables: A Better Way to Charge/Sync Tablets and Other USB Devices

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Snake cables are common devices in professional audio because musicians and recording artists figured out a long time ago that bundling several cables in a single outer casing makes managing equipment a lot easier. Considering the fact that more companies, schools and organizations are deploying multiple tablets and other USB-charged devices to employees and students, Aleratec wondered why no one had devised a snake cable for charging and syncing these devices as well. Charging and syncing a few tablets is fairly straightforward. Charging and syncing 10, 20 or more electronic devices at a time is a different story. To reduce the confusion that often comes with charging and syncing multiple tablets, smartphones and other portable devices, Aleratec is introducing snake cables to our Portable Device Management (PDM) product line.


Aleratec Snake Cables – Lightning to USB made for iphone

If you regularly deploy numerous iPads or other Lightning-charged devices, Aleratec’s Lightning to USB snake cables allow you to connect four or five devices to a USB charging station with one cable. For example, you need to charge 30 iPads for an upcoming training session. With our 5-configuration Lightning snake cable, the amount of cables you have to keep track of goes from 30 to a more manageable six. Aleratec Lightning to USB cable are also MFi Certified to work with Apple devices. This is an extremely important feature because Lightning cables include a special authentication chip to insure quality and compatibility. To further simplify the charge and sync process, we’ve pre-labeled each connector A, B, C, etc., so you’ll know exactly which USB connector goes to which USB port. These cables also support syncing of your Lightning devices when connected to a USB port on a computer.

Aleratec Snake Cables – Micro USB to USB


Aleratec Lightning to USB and Micro USB to USB Snake cables include pre-labeled connectors.

If you’re responsible for charging and syncing multiple smartphones or Android tablets such as Samsung Galaxy, our snake cable lineup also includes a Micro USB to USB version. Similar to Aleratec’s
Lightning snake cables, the Micro USB to USB cables can charge or sync four or five devices at once using one cable so the number of charging cables you have to keep track of is vastly reduced. These snake cables also have pre-labeled connectors and support syncing your micro USB devices when connected to a computer.


Simple Is Better

Aleratec snake cables are an inexpensive solution for creating a more simplified and efficient charging station. In hectic classrooms where tablet deployment must be quick and efficient, managing a bunch of individual charging cables is a headache that no educator needs. The same holds true for companies or any organization deploying electronic devices to teams of employees. When tablet deployment must be quick and efficient, the best solution is often the simplest one.

5-Device Snake Cable – Lightning to USB

4-Device Snake Cable – Lightning to USB

5-Device Snake Cable – Micro USB to USB

4-Device Snake Cable – Micro USB to USB


This blog was written and posted by Perry Solomon, President & CEO of Aleratec, Inc.

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