Benefits of Using Optical Discs to Store and Distribute Files

by Perry Solomon

Optical discs, such as CDs and DVDs, offer a reliable way to store and distribute files, photos, videos, as well as confidential data. For organizations with storage capacity needs in the terabyte or petabyte range, cloud storage makes sense as large files can be accessed with very little maintenance. However, there are inherent risks of entrusting files to a remote spot somewhere in the world, and many companies find that CDs and DVDs still offer key benefits for archiving and distributing files.

File Accessibility  

While internet outages are less common today, Murphy’s Law dictates that the one time you need to call up the most important file of your career, the internet will be down. With optical discs, important files can be accessed regardless of an internet connection.

File Security

Files saved on write-once DVDs or CDs cannot be erased or altered, which is a key factor for forensics and the ability to disseminate copies of evidence to multiple people at the same time.

Secure Backups

With DVD/CDs, you know exactly where the files are and can store and control them at a local level. This is a peace of mind factor when archiving highly sensitive or confidential information where a data breach can have devastating consequences.

No Bandwidth Limitations

Sending or retrieving large files over the internet can clog the pipes, resulting in slower upload or download times. Saving files to DVD or CDs and distributing those files to employees does not require bandwidth and work flow is not interrupted.

DVD/CD Duplicators Can Be a Wise Investment1-7-dvd-cd-copy-tower-duplicator

If you regularly archive and distribute training materials, software, audio, video, images, etc., on optical discs, consider investing in a stand-alone DVD/CD duplicator. Stand-alone models such as Aleratec’s CD/DVD Copy Tower family duplicate discs without the need of a computer or extra software at speeds 22x for DVD copies and up to 48x for simultaneous CD copies. Plus today’s models are very simple to use—basically, plug the unit in, load the discs, press copy and you’re done. Most CD/DVD duplicators support a wide range of optical disc formats, and models such as Aleratec’s CD/DVD Copy Tower family support DVD+R Double Layer discs. A dual layer DVD can store up to 4.7 GB of data on each layer, allowing for up to 8.5 gigabytes of storage.

Aleratec’s CD/DVD Copy Tower Duplicator family includes:

1:3 DVD/CD Copy Tower Duplicator

1:5 DVD/CD Copy Tower Duplicator

1:7 DVD/CD Copy Tower Duplicator

This blog was written and posted by Perry Solomon, President & CEO of Aleratec, Inc.

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