How the Right Software Interface Can Make Cloning Flash Drives Easier

by Perry Solomon

Mass duplication of USB flash drives is not for the faint of heart. While USB duplicators can greatly reduce the time it takes to clone hundreds of flash drives, not all cloning jobs are the same. For example, what if you want to update files already on the drives or clone bootable flash drives?

Aleratec’s USB Duplication Software Suite

All Aleratec computer-connected USB flash drive duplicators include our proprietary Software Suite, an intuitive, PC-based user interface that gives you a wide range of options for collecting, formatting and copying data onto multiple flash drives. You can copy files and folders from your hard drive or flash drive and create and clone image files of existing flash drives. You can also choose to Copy Only, Format Only, or Format and Copy. When formatting your flash drives, you have the option to format in FAT, FAT32 or NTFS, and the software displays the status of each copy and number of copies completed.

Aleratec’s Software Suite offers duplication options such as Data Copy Only, Format Only,and  Format and Copy.

Aleratec’s Software Suite offers duplication options such as Data Copy Only, Format Only,and Format and Copy.

This kind of flexibility provides practical solutions, particularly in the field. For example, you load 10 spec sheets onto 200 flash drives for distribution to the sales team but one spec sheet needs updating. Aleratec’s Software Suite allows you to replace only that one spec sheet, saving you the time and energy of not having to completely duplicate all 200 flash drives again. It also supports bootable flash drives, a feature appreciated by IT professionals who regularly release software updates.

Aleratec new 1:22 USB Copy Cruiser Mini.

Aleratec new 1:22 USB Copy Cruiser Mini.

Usability is always a key design feature in Aleratec duplicators and sanitizers, and we’ve only scratched the surface of what our Software Suite can do. When choosing a computer-connected duplicator, make sure it includes a well thought-out and flexible user interface that can simplify your most complex duplication jobs.

Aleratec’s Software Suite is included on the 1:10 USB 3.0 Copy Cruiser Mini, 1:16 USB 3.0 Copy Cruiser Mini, and the 1:22 USB Copy Cruiser Mini, our newest USB duplicator for cloning up to 22 flash drives at a time.

This blog was written and posted by Perry Solomon, President & CEO of Aleratec, Inc.

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