Empowering Customers through YouTube

by Perry Solomon

Like any social media outlet, YouTube can be an indispensable communication tool for companies, and most marketing gurus will tell you it’s a savvy way to promote a brand. We launched our YouTube channel almost 10 years ago, and although the goal was (and still is) to promote the Aleratec brand, we decided to approach it in a different way—to create a channel that empowers end users with videos that help make their jobs easier.

42 Tip & Tricks, 35 Product Tours (and Counting)

Visit the Aleratec YouTube channel and you won’t see an excessive amount of company-promotions, reviews or box-openings. Instead, our YouTube channel focuses on education and training via two main categories:

  1. Product Tours
  2. Tips & Tricks

Product Tours are available for almost all products in the Aleratec lineup. The tours offer a quick but thorough introduction to each product and cover key features and capabilities. The goal is to help customers better understand the capabilities of each model and decide which product is right for their needs.

Launched in 2013, our Tips & Tricks series has grown into a significant part of the Aleratec YouTube channel and is produced by our very own team member Chris. Tips & Tricks videos help customers who have already purchased one of our products and are where you’ll find a treasure trove of information from basic functionality to very detailed software configuration steps. Perfect for users who tend to “skim” over owner’s manuals (and don’t most of us?), Tips & Tricks can help you get the most from your purchase by pointing out features you may not be aware of, and it offers a visual troubleshooting guide on software and other, more complex functions. Tips & Tricks can also help potential customers get a better feel for how products are used before buying.

Over a Hundred Thousand Views and Still Growing

From the beginning, we wanted to make sure that our YouTube channel was a channel worth subscribing to, and I believe we have accomplished this goal. Our videos attract a lot of viewers, and we hope that each visitor leaves the site with new and helpful information. We’ll continue to upload useful videos that lean more toward what benefits our customers and less on self-promotion. Frankly, I can’t think of a better way to promote a brand.



This blog was written and posted by Perry Solomon, President & CEO of Aleratec, Inc.


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