MFG Day 2015: Recognizing the Impact Manufacturers Have on Communities

MFG Day 2015October 2nd, 2015 is National Manufacturing Day. If you’ve never heard of such a day, you’re not alone. It’s only been a few years since President Obama issued a presidential proclamation declaring the first Friday of October as National Manufacturing Day. Since then, however, MFG Day has taken off with more than 1,600 plant tours and over 100,000 participants. With all the commemorative days on the books, from National Hug Day to Global Handwashing Day, we should we recognize MFG Day? Here are a few of the great reasons.

Manufacturing Impacts Communities

The impact manufacturing has on the U.S. economy cannot be underestimated. According to the National Association of Manufacturers, manufacturing contributed over two trillion dollars to our economy in 2013 and supported an estimated 17.6 million jobs in the United States. In Los Angeles alone, where Aleratec is based, manufacturing accounted for over 510,000 jobs in 2014 (Bureau of Labor Statistics), and these jobs impact millions of families, not to mention the thousands of jobs that manufacturers generate to the service sectors.

MFG Day Inspires Young People

A new crop of high tech manufacturers is growing in the United States that that will require a new crop of high tech workers. MFG Day gives young people a glimpse into a bright future in manufacturing and engineering. The ability to tour modern manufacturing plants and see science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields outside the pages of a book can be inspiring to students and encourage to them to achieve in school and beyond. As an extension of this concept, Aleratec has and continues to give students opportunities to gain real life experience in manufacturing positions through internships and other work arrangements. Read more here.

Manufacturing Is Diverse

As an electronics manufacturer for over 15 years, we know that manufacturing is never stagnant. Products are constantly changing with improvements to functionality, and new products are introduced every year. Designing and building products requires technical skills but it’s also a creative process that can be very rewarding. If you thrive in a dynamic, competitive environment and can adapt well to change, manufacturing is for you.

Careers Are Limitless

From engineering, to production, to logistics, admin and maintenance, manufacturing offers many well-paid positions to fit virtually any desire and skill level.

Is all this worthy of a commemorative day? We think so and we hope others will join us in celebrating MFG Day 2015. To find an event near you, visit the website at

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