Finally! Mac Compatibility for Aleratec Computer-Connected USB Duplicators

Aleratec’s computer-connected USB duplicator is now compatible with Mac OS platforms.

Designing hard disk drive and USB duplicators is always a work in progress. Customer needs vary across industries, and our duplicators are used across many industries. When we designed our first line of computer-connected USB thumb drive duplicators, the majority of our end-users needed a fast flash drive duplicator for the Windows platform. It was, and still is, the higher percentage of computers and laptops used in office environments. However, building in Mac compatibility was always on the minds of our engineers who are often caught between the Mac vs. PC debates.

Over the years, customers have asked us when we could make our computer-connected USB duplicators compatible with Macs and we understand why. Demand for Macs is rising, and according to the Wall Street Journal, Mac Notebooks and iMacs have gained a market share of 6% of the world’s PC market, up from 2.1% in 2006. While clearly still much lower than Windows, manufacturers cannot ignore Apple’s steady gains as it relates to their products. Macs also remain a favorite for graphic artists and marketing departments, who often have the need to distribute information via USB thumb drives.

1:22 USB Copy Cruiser Mini Duplicator

1:22 USB Copy Cruiser Mini Duplicator Part # 330119

Introducing the PC and Mac-compatible 1:22 USB Copy Cruiser Mini

Aleratec’s 1:22 USB Copy Cruiser Mini Series of computer-connected duplicators are reliable tools for quickly cloning multiple thumb drives. Up until now, this portable duplicator worked only with PC computers, but we’re proud to announce that this portable, computer-connected USB duplicator is now available with software that makes this Mac USB duplicator compatible with OS X computers and laptops. Yes, you heard it right. Mac USB duplicators are now available, and this cross compatibility makes our Copy Cruiser Mini USB duplicator available for Mac-loving end-users as well as PC proficianados.

Available Free of Charge to Existing Customers

The new software is now included with the purchase of all new Copy Cruiser Mini duplicators (part number 330119). If you’re an existing owner of a 1:22 USB Copy Cruiser Mini duplicator and are interested in this new software, please contact Aleratec Support at +1-818-678-0484 or email to get the Mac software at no additional charge. All you’ll need to do is provide proof of purchase.

Customer feedback is important to Aleratec, and we hope you will always share your input so we can continue to build the best products possible.

For more information on our Mac-compatible software for Aleratec 1:22 USB Copy Cruiser Mini Duplicator, contact us at

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