Keeping up with the Chromebooks

Aleratec’s ChargeCabinet16 Chromebook Charging Cabinet keeps classroom laptops safely stored, charged and ready to deploy

Dare if you will to peek inside your child’s backpack and there’s a good chance now you’ll find a Google Chromebook. These portable laptops are slowly taking over Apple’s lead in the race for district dollars, and although Apple still has a dog in the fight, many schools are discovering that Chromebooks offer unique advantages over iPads that go beyond the significantly lower price.

A Lesson in What Works in the School Environment

ChargeCabinet16 Chromebook DeploymentBecause Chromebooks are laptops, not tablets, Chromebooks include keyboards, and children and teens who are already highly adept at tapping screens are now learning the ancient skill of typing. In spite of how “lame” this skill may seem to today’s youth, knowing how to use a QWERTY keyboard is a valuable skill, a fact they’ll discover years later in the workplace.  Unlike tablets, Chromebooks are shareable, so if your student forgets his or her Chromebook and needs to download a Spanish project that’s due that day, they can simply sign into another student’s Chromebook and access the file online. iPads on the other hand are assigned to individual users. Being able to swap users also allows educators to store and charge multiple Chromebooks in the classroom overnight and quickly deploy them to students in the morning, an attractive feature for schools that don’t send laptops home every day. Plus, Chromebooks are easier to manage via the Google Apps Admin console, which many districts already use. These features make it easy to see why the unassuming Chromebook is gaining strength.

Connecting Educators with Simpler Device Management

ChargeCabinet16 Chromebook Deployment

Wall Mount – accessory kit required, optional accessory

As Chromebooks continue their steady ascent, keeping these devices safely stored, charged and ready to deploy is becoming an important routine in many classrooms and a new challenge for IT professionals and administrators. While Chromebooks may be relatively inexpensive, losing even one to theft is money districts can ill afford, and like any mobile device, Chromebooks must be charged. To help tackle these issues, Aleratec is introducing the ChargeCabinet16 Chromebook Charging Cabinet designed to make Chromebook deployment easier and storage more secure. Made of a commercial quality steel with ventilation slots to reduce the possibility of device overheating, the charging cabinet holds up to 16 Chromebooks, MacBooks, UltraBooks, e-Readers and other mobile devices and includes a keyed lock pad and hardware to bolt the cabinet in place.  If floorspace is an issue, the ChargeCabinet16 Chromebook Charging Cabinet can bewall mounted with optional (not included) mounting kit, Aleratec part #400109 or can be converted into a cart  for schools that require portability with optional (not included) conversion kit, Aleratec part #400110.

As tech-education evolves so do Aleratec’s line of Portable Device Management products because we believe that laptops and other mobile devices should enhance education, not create another hurdle for educators. That’s a lesson we can all agree on.


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