Accelerating office flash drive duplication with Aleratec’s 1:15 USB HDD Copy Cruiser SA™

Now available in an office-friendly footprint, Aleratec’s industrial-strength USB flash drive duplication and sanitization can bring a dramatic speedup to your duplication workflow.

Marketing, education and training teams often find themselves in need of rapid, reliable flash drive duplication, be it for seminars, conferences or trade shows. So too do I.T. specialists, H.R. administrators, and many other business professionals find themselves needing to duplicate flash drives en masse. Pervasive as cloud storage may be, USB drives bring simplicity, low overhead and convenience to the task of sharing files with others.

But what’s less convenient is the time and especially labor required to duplicate dozens of flash drives, especially those filled with large presentations, videos and other business collateral. Organizations with such needs might not require the industrial-grade throughput of Aleratec’s 1:118 USB Copy Tower, but at the same time they require something beefier than our 1:7 USB HDD Copy Cruiser SA.

Enter our 1:15 USB HDD Copy Cruiser SA. Designed to meet the needs of those in the middle, Aleratec’s Copy Cruiser can duplicate up to 15 USB flash drives or USB hard disk drives at once, or even sanitize up to 15 USB hard disk drives. In addition to time saved on duplicating multiple USB drives, the Copy Cruiser can perform simple copying of system and data, or complete sector-by-sector duplications of a complete drive, including boot strap code.

With a compact footprint and stand-alone design requiring no computer, our latest duplicator brings rapid, reliable duplication and sanitization to any office, with speeds of up to 1.5GB/min and an LCD interface for monitoring progress. But another major advantage of the 1:15 USB HDD Copy Cruiser SA is its ability to go further and sanitize entire USB hard disk drives, before duplication or deployment. Built on Aleratec’s award-winning expertise, the Copy Cruiser’s sanitization functions ensure that previously deployed USB hard drives can be cleansed of sensitive data, before an organization redeploys them for new uses or discards them as part of a broader data destruction initiative.

Amongst our Copy Cruiser’s sanitization capabilities is our DoD 7-Pass Overwrite. Our sanitizers are also capable of 1-Pass Overwrite and 3-Pass Overwrite w/Verify – and for some organizations with low-risk data, using 1-Pass or 3-Pass to overwrite a hard drive’s user data might be sufficient for their needs. But for organizations that expect or demand the highest assurances of security, Aleratec’s 7-Pass Overwrite ensures that data on hard drives is “forensically unrecoverable”, as confirmed and certified by a leading third-party leader in forensic data recovery.

For those that need industrial-strength duplication or sanitization, Aleratec’s 1:15 USB HDD Copy Cruiser SA offers:

  • Compact, stand-alone design that requires no computer
  • Intuitive, easy-to-read, backlit LCD display
  • Independent third party-certified HDD sanitization, with DoD 7-Pass Overwrite

In the business and professional world, time is money, and our 1:15 USB HDD Copy Cruiser SA is an invaluable tool for accelerating your office’s USB duplication workflow. With affordable, accessible USB duplication now within the reach of every organization, complemented by robust sanitization capabilities for USB HDD devices, now is the time to integrate Aleratec’s technologies into your office’s data management framework!

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