🎉 Aleratec 2020: Celebrating 20 Years of Service 🎉

This year, we celebrate 20 years of business since our founding in 2000.

From our beginnings as a family-owned business in California, we’ve been determined to channel our experience and engineering into the design, development and manufacturing of practical products.

Realizing our Vision

Our business has grown and operated on a simple premise: Providing industrial-grade and user-friendly solutions for your data management. Through our in-house engineering team, we develop ways to combine quality with ease of use to surpass your expectations.

Remembering our Values

Our engineering and development teams understand technology is meaningless unless it’s simple and straightforward to use. As your needs have evolved, so too have we innovated our product lines. Yet as we mark 20 years in 2020, our core values have remained consistent: Cultivating relationships that are long-term and win-win with our customers and partners.

That means we’ll continue to design, develop and manufacture products focused on industrial-grade data management, user-friendly data duplication, certified data destruction and other business-critical functions.

Stay Tuned

We’re honored you’ve chosen us as the solution to your business needs, and we’re excited to show what we have in store for you in 2020 and beyond.

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