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The Power of AES 256 Encryption

Make no mistake, data encryption is one of the most successful methods of securing information. Effective data encryption can protect you or your business from confidential data falling into the wrong hands, so it’s important to get a better understanding

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Using 3.5” SATA Hard Drive Duplicators for 2.5” Drives

The best way to get a 2.5” hard drive to fit into a device made for a 3.5” drive is to make the 2.5 inch hard drive look and work just like a 3.5” one. How does one do that? With an adapter, of course, and Aleratec offers two different types of adapters to fulfill your requirements.

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The Importance of Proper Hard Disk Drive Sanitization

Chances are, you are not thinking about hard disk drive disposal when it’s time to get a new computer. In today’s digital age, however, it’s more important than ever to be vigilant when it comes to confidential data and proper disposal of hard disk drives.

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Wish You Could Take Your USB Flash Drive Duplicator With You?

USB flash drives have become one of the most widely used tools to share data and multimedia files due to their size, convenience and near universal compatibility. Sometimes, we need to make copies of our USB flash drives while we’re on the go.

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