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Still Have IDE Hard Drives? Time to Move to SATA

IDE and SATA are different types of interfaces for connecting storage devices like hard disk drives to a computer’s system bus.  Since 2007, most new computer systems have SATA connectors and do not have IDE connectors. If your organization is

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Is It Charged Yet? Time-saving Cable Reveals Smartphone Battery Status

It wasn’t long ago when smartphones and tablets were fictional devices on Federation Starships. Today, mobile devices and mobile accessories are commonplace as three-year-old tots tap away on tablets and grandparents check the NASDAQ on their iPhones. Most people can’t

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Standalone Disc Duplicator: Sourcing Data from a Disc vs. a Hard Disk Drive

Both standalone and computer-connected disc duplicators will quickly and efficiently copy DVD, CD and Blu-ray discs. However, a standalone disc duplicator does not have to be controlled from a separate computer; controls are on the duplicator itself. As a result,

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What Level of Information Security Does Your Shredder Provide?

Shredders, and especially automatic shredders, are a convenient, efficient way to ensure your information security and avoid identity theft.  In this day and age, it may also be necessary for your business or organization to shred paper or destroy CDs

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