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Celebrating 15 Years in Digital Media Management

by Perry Solomon Think back to the year 2000. Y2K fears were put to rest. Microsoft officially launched Windows 2000, and Sony released the PlayStation 2. Something also happened that year that may not have made headlines but was important

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Compatibility Is King

Aleratec’s USB HDD Copy Cruiser and USB HDD Copy Towers take versatility to a whole new level. by Perry Solomon Most of us at one time or another have made that fateful purchase of a product that, as it turned

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The Evolving World of SSD Form Factors

Solid State Drives have opened up a world of possibilities due to the many advantages they offer over traditional hard drives. Here’s how SSDs compare to rotating media: Smaller Better read and write performance Use less power More durable Weigh

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An Overview of Pages, Blocks and FTLs in a Solid-State Drive (SSD)

Solid State Drives offer benefits such as speed, low power consumption, durability and low weight. However, they have not yet become as widely used as traditional hard drives, primarily because they are much more expensive.

HDDs and SSDs differ in the way data is managed. NAND flash, the storage components used in SSDs, have some major limitations that must be managed, leaving room for manufacturers to fail in properly executing important functions that could impact performance.

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