Disc Gone Bad

We’ve all had it happen. Our favorite DVDs or our most important CDs suddenly became scratched and seem to be beyond repair. Optical discs (CDs/DVDs and Blu-ray discs) are very durable but Ralph Lauren Outlet UK it’s practically impossible to keep them scratch free. One minor scratch can result in a huge loss of data or a skip and even cause lock up Ralph Lauren Outlet Online on game discs. Most people would toss that scratched disc in the garbage, but unless the scratch is very deep or is located on the label side of the disc (commonly called foil damage), there’s actually another solution: repair the scratch or clean the disc to restore satisfactory operation.

To understand how this works, let’s first take a closer look at Ralph Lauren Outlet the genetic makeup of commonly used optical discs:

CDs consist of four layers: a polycarbonate substrate, a layer of organic dye, a metalized reflective layer, and a protective lacquer coating. Some discs have an additional protective coating over Ralph Lauren uk Outlet the metalized layer, and some discs also have a printable surface silk-screened on them.

DVDs also have several layers: one polycarbonate substrate layer which serves as a protective “dummy” layer, a layer of the same type which contains microscopic pits that encode binary data, a dye-based recording layer, and a transparent adhesive layer for Ralph Lauren the laser’s readability of the data.

Blu-ray discs are engineered in a manner similar to CDs and DVDs. They employ close to the same physical dimensions as a DVD. For example, a DVD includes two 0.6mm discs flanking a recordable data layer, while a Blu-ray disc uses one 1.2mm polycarbonate disc. Each Blu-ray disc is coated with a tough, clear polymer that contributes to its scratch-resistant and durable shelf life.

So, when are discs deemed unfixable?

Again, if the disc has damage to the label side of the disc (foil damage), it cannot be repaired. If it’s severe enough, you can see through the disc when holding the disc up to a light. Also, if the disc has a crack in it, you can forget about attempting to repair it. Additionally, if the disc has dents or is visibly warped, it cannot be saved.

All that said, most scratched discs can actually be repaired. Both CD repair and DVD repair are easy with Aleratec’s full line of disc repair products. If you have a video rental business, library, or need to continually repair discs, the DVD/CD Disc Repair CG by Aleratec is your best bet. It’s a heavy-duty machine that repairs DVDs and CDs, and cleans DVD, CD and Blu-ray discs.


For occasional disc repair needs, Aleratec’s DVD/CD Disc Repair Plus is the perfect solution that will repair scratched CDs and DVDs and clean DVDs, CDs and Blu-ray discs.


Lastly, if the damaged disc actually contains business or personal data, it’s important to remember that the safe way to destroy the disc is by using a DVD/CD Shredder by Aleratec. This will help protect your privacy and ensure that the data contained on the disc won’t fall into the wrong hands.

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