Aleratec’s 10-Point Checklist for Factory Certified Refurbished Products

by Perry Solomon

Aleratec offers factory certified refurbished product at a significant savings over retail prices; however, some customers hesitate when they see the word “refurbished.” For those of you in the outletstorereluctant camp, we want you to fully understand the rigorous process products must go through to attain our factory certified stamp.

Why Do We Call It Refurbished?

The word refurbished implies that a product was damaged or defective, taken apart and rebuilt like Frankenstein, but the truth is, that situation is rarely the case. Many of our “refurbished” products were never actually used, but rather returned because a customer purchased the wrong model or one of our authorized resellers is clearing out inventory for next year’s models. No matter what the reason, every product that is evaluated for becoming “factory certified refurbished” goes through a rigorous 10-point check list performed by a highly skilled Aleratec technician.

10-Point Checklist

Step 1. Run a full diagnostic to ensure that the product is running exactly as specified and repair or replace parts as needed.

Step 2. Check for physical damage and repair or replace damaged parts that may affect performance. (Some cosmetic damage that does not affect performance may be accepted.)

Step 3. Check that all inputs and outputs are fully functional

Step 4. Test all mechanical functions such as bays, trays, motors, fans, etc., as applicable

Step 5. Check that all connectors are intact and functioning

Step 6. Test LCD display panels as applicable

Step 7. Check that the power supply is working properly

Step 8. Check accessories such as USB cables and power cords, as well as manuals, and quick start guides. Replace if missing or damaged.

Step 9. Run an endurance test to ensure reliability

Step 10. Delete all previous data and reset all settings to Factory Default settings

An Aleratec refurbished product must pass all 10 steps before we approve it for sale. If even one step does not pass muster and cannot be repaired, the product is not sold at all. We do this so every customer who purchases product from our Outlet Store can feel confident that refurbished means you’ll receive a product that works and a product that lasts. Check out the deals you’ll find on Aleratec’s Outlet Store.

This blog was written and posted by Perry Solomon, President & CEO of Aleratec, Inc.

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