Integrating Aleratec’s HDD Drive Demolisher V2™ into your organization’s comprehensive security strategy

When is physical destruction of hard drives necessary? How should hard drive destruction factor into your organization’s data security strategy?

For most companies, departments and government agencies, data is their most valuable and essential asset. And that makes it an attractive target to criminals and competitors. The opportunity to steal, sell or otherwise exploit data for dubious purposes is the impetus behind most data theft today.

Passwords and firewalls might provide protection for an organization’s computers and servers during their operational lifetime. But once those computers are replaced and their hard drives decommissioned, organizations need to ensure the data on those decommissioned drives remains out of the wrong hands – not only because hard drives may contain confidential information, but because of legal liability that may arise from improperly discarded drives. Between 2012 and 2013, the UK’s National Health Service was fined more than £500,000 for failing to dispose of its decommissioned hard drives. And in 2015, South Carolina’s Lancaster County found itself in hot water when it failed to destroy hard drives containing sensitive patient data, which later went missing.


This is where a robust hard drive destroyer, such as our recently released HDD Drive Demolisher V2™, can make a difference to an organization’s data security strategy. At too many organizations, guidelines for decommissioning hard drives amount to little more than “get an employee to smash up our old hard drives with a hammer.” This is woefully inadequate, given how most data recovery labs can easily retrieve data from inadequately decommissioned hard drives. Even an improperly erased hard drive can be a piece of cake for data thieves to salvage.

At its core, our patent-pending Demolisher V2 safely and speedily crushes 3.5” and 2.5” hard disk drives – up to two at once. Unlike bulky hard drive destroyers that require electricity to function, the HDD Drive Demolisher V2 occupies little counterspace, requires no power, and needs little human strength to operate. With its hydraulically operated manual pump, our hard drive crusher delivers enough force to break the hard drive’s chassis and mutilate its magnetic platters, with little effort on the part of users.


To operate, users simply insert up to two 3.5” or 2.5” hard drives into the Demolisher V2’s chamber. Users then use the manual pump to drive the crusher’s powerful steel anvil into the heart of the hard drives. The chamber’s safety enclosure ensures that shattered parts won’t fly everywhere as the crusher mangles each drive’s spindle and platter, rendering hard drives inoperable.

The entire process takes less than 60 seconds. And unlike the DIY method of retiring hard drives with a sledgehammer, our professional-grade hard drive destruction delivers the peace of mind of knowing that sensitive data won’t be exposed, as well as physical assurance that hard drives have been properly retired. Given how even professional data destruction services sometimes cut corners when tasked with destroying hard drives, our HDD Drive Demolisher V2 delivers DIY convenience with professional results you can see and examine.


In short, our next-generation HDD Drive Demolisher V2™ can:

  • Destroy up to two 3.5″ or 2.5″ hard disk drives per minute
  • Operate without electricity, thanks to its manual hydraulic pump
  • Prevent unsafe operation when its door is not fully closed
  • Fit most desks and tables, thanks to its compact design

Before decommissioning hard drives, an organization’s security strategy should ensure that drives are properly sanitized to ensure that data is irreversibly erased before the hard drive’s physical destruction. For the most secure results, we recommend sanitizing hard drives with an Aleratec HDD Duplicator/Sanitizer, prior to physically destroying the hard drives with Aleratec’s HDD Drive Demolisher V2.

When hard drives are improperly retired, it puts proprietary data and information at serious risk. And when it falls into the hands of competitors or thieves, the costs can be incalculable. Today’s organizations have every incentive to review and strengthen their security strategies, to ensure they’ve hardened all potential vulnerabilities. Moreover, with the advent of privacy legislation like FACTA, GDPR and HIPAA, professional-grade hard drive destroyers and sanitizers not only contribute to overall compliance, but the health and safety of an organization’s data security. We’re proud that our Aleratec HDD Drive Demolisher V2 can help organizations in meeting their goals.

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