Aleratec Response to COVID-19

Dear customers and partners,

As a provider of essential services per the Los Angeles Department of Public Health’s Safer at Home Order for Control of COVID-19, Aleratec will “remain open for business and perform essential functions and operations during the duration of this Order”, under the Order’s shelter-in-place directive.

In accordance with Section 13 M/Q/U of the Order of the County of Los Angeles Health Officer, Aleratec will continue to:

  • (M) Supply office or computer products needed by people who work from home
  • (Q) Manufacture parts and provide service for Essential Infrastructure
  • (U) Provide any service or perform any work deemed essential for national security including, but not limited to defense, intelligence and aerospace development and manufacturing for the Department of Defense, the Intelligence Community, and NASA and other federal government, and/or United States Government departments and agencies

In addition to monitoring and following the latest guidance from the CDC and other agencies, all non-essential staff now work remotely. Aleratec’s extensive experience and protocols around our distributed workforce in multiple locations means that this transition has had minimal impact on our ability to support you and respond to your needs.

As Aleratec works with federal, state, and local agencies to follow CDC guidelines designed to slow the spread of COVID-19, Aleratec understands that “business as usual” doesn’t apply. As the situation continues to rapidly develop, we remain committed to being open, responsive and supportive of the needs of our staff, partners and customers.

Please contact us if you have further questions:

Be well,

Perry Solomon
President & CEO
Aleratec, Inc.

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