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Compact Hard Disk Drive Duplicators: Their Value Travels from Work to Home

There is no debating the value of using a hard disk drive duplicator to copy hard drives.  It is faster and simpler to use a disk duplicator than to use available software, especially when duplicating multiple disks. Organizations and individuals

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How I Upgraded my Laptop Computer’s Hard Drive – Partition Issues

Using an Aleratec Hard Drive duplicator to upgrade to a larger drive requires some partition adjustment to access the hard drive’s full capacity. When the larger drive clone is created, its partitions match that of the source drive and the remaining capacity is unused. A partition management tool like Windows’ Computer Management allows you to extend or create partitions to take advantage of the full size of the larger drive.

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How to Keep Your Drives Safe and Secure While Duplicating

Aleratec hard drive duplicators make complete, exact copies of a source hard drive. Because the Hard Drive duplicators make exact copies, and each copier has its own operating system, it doesn’t matter how the source drive is formatted or partitioned, whether it’s NTFS, FAT 16 or 32, one of the Linux or Macintosh formats, or even another format.

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How I Upgraded My Laptop Computer’s Hard Drive

Upgrading a laptop to a larger capacity hard drive can increase performance. Using a hard drive duplicator, designed to clone drives exactly, make this kind of upgrade fast and simple.

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