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There’s Nothing There—Certified Sanitization of Aleratec’s New Line of HDD Duplicators Means No Data Recovery

Data security is an integral part of Aleratec technology and why we pursued Verification of Media Sanitization certificates for our new line of High-Speed HDD Duplicators.

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When Hard Drive Formatting Isn’t Enough—Removing the Data

Ways to remove the data from your hard disk drives so it doesn’t get into the wrong hands, because formatting is not enough.

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Secure Erase for Hard Disk Sanitization Rediscovered!

The computer industry learned long ago that, without standards that all manufacturers adhere to, the market would be so limited that it may not even be viable. A seldom-used part of the SATA standard for hard disks called Secure Erase is being used by Aleratec hard drive tower duplicators for the reliable sanitization of hard disk drives, a vital part of proper hard drive decommissioning.

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How to Clean Hard Drives You Don’t Even Know You Have

It may seem a bit of a surprise how many hard drives you’ve got, whirring silently, regularly storing your data. Consider, for example, that fax machine. For many years, high end fax machines have been scanning images of the documents you send, writing them to a hard drive, and then faxing the pages from the stored images. Printers, scanners, and fax machines designed for use by organizations will often have notebook (2.5”) or desktop (3.5”) hard drives embedded inside them. The data on the hard drives can be extremely sensitive and, depending on the organization, the discovery of the data on those drives could be calamitous. Selling these devices, returning them at the end of a lease, or even donating them to an organization or people in need can put your organization at significant risk, if the hard drives are not treated properly. Aleratec offers three Hard Drive Duplicators that include the Sanitize feature, offering a choice of sanitization levels.

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