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When It Comes to Speed and Efficiency, Not All Robotic Duplicators are Created Equal

If you duplicate large numbers of DVD or CD discs on a regular basis, a robotic disc duplicator will be the most efficient way to get these jobs done.  A robotic duplicator automates the process of loading the target drives

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Compact Hard Disk Drive Duplicators: Their Value Travels from Work to Home

There is no debating the value of using a hard disk drive duplicator to copy hard drives.  It is faster and simpler to use a disk duplicator than to use available software, especially when duplicating multiple disks. Organizations and individuals

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Aleratec Continues To Make Blu-Ray Duplication Faster and More Efficient

Blu-ray discs offer users the advantage of being able to store huge quantities of high-quality video and audio data.  As this format becomes more widely used, there is an increased need to duplicate Blu-ray discs quickly and efficiently.  Aleratec answers

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Blu-ray Media Performs at Speeds of up to 10X in Aleratec Duplicators

Aleratec’s new duplicator-grade Blu-ray media (370103/370104) has been recently rated at a maximum speed of 6x for all capable devices. And when used with the newest generation of Aleratec standalone Blu-ray/DVD/CD duplicators (260201/260202/260203), this media is capable of performing at speeds of up to 10x.

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