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HDD Duplicators Great and Small: Introducing the Compact and Powerful 1:5 HDD Copy Dock Advanced

Followers of the Aleratec blog know that I often reflect on technology and how much it changes day to day and year to year. It’s the “nature” of tech products to evolve quickly and adapt to new environments with smaller,

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External Visual Indicators on Aleratec’s New High-Speed HDD Duplicators Keep Workflow in Check

In addition to serving as a high-speed HDD duplicators and hard drive wipers, these hard disk duplicators include visual indicator lights on the hard drive bays that confirm the copy and/or comparison is successful for each drive.

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Still Have IDE Hard Drives? Time to Move to SATA

IDE and SATA are different types of interfaces for connecting storage devices like hard disk drives to a computer’s system bus.  Since 2007, most new computer systems have SATA connectors and do not have IDE connectors. If your organization is

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The Benefits of a Disc Duplicator with Included Hard Disk Drive

So you’re shopping for a Blu-ray, DVD or CD duplicator.  Why, you wonder, are there disc duplicators that feature an included hard disk drive?  What does an HDD have to do with copying DVDs, CDs or Blu-ray discs? There are

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