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Read Before Burning: Choosing the Best Optical Disc Publisher Begins with a Buyer’s Guide

Disc duplication can be a mind numbing, time-robbing task, especially when hundreds or thousands of CDs or DVDs are involved. Add in a DVD or CD label for each copy, and you’re talking a serious long-term commitment. Optical disc publishers

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Computer-Connected LightScribe Duplicators: A High-Value Disc Publishing Option

Unlike the standalone variety, computer-connected disc duplicators are connected to a computer via cable connection and are controlled by software running on that PC.  Computer-connected LightScribe duplicators are equipped with LightScribe optical drives that can burn data and can also

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New Aleratec Site Search

It’s now easier than ever to find exactly what you want at the Aleratec site. In our quest for continuous improvement of the Aleratec shopping experience we have implemented a new, enhanced search engine within the web site. This

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Aleratec Continues To Make Blu-Ray Duplication Faster and More Efficient

Blu-ray discs offer users the advantage of being able to store huge quantities of high-quality video and audio data.  As this format becomes more widely used, there is an increased need to duplicate Blu-ray discs quickly and efficiently.  Aleratec answers

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