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Automatic Shredders Insure Information Security

If handling sensitive data is part of your business, you need to have a data security plan in place.  Investing in an automatic shredder will allow you and your employees to easily implement such a plan. Shredders are a reliable

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What Level of Information Security Does Your Shredder Provide?

Shredders, and especially automatic shredders, are a convenient, efficient way to ensure your information security and avoid identity theft.  In this day and age, it may also be necessary for your business or organization to shred paper or destroy CDs

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Shredders for Credit Cards and CD/DVD/Blu-ray Discs

Perhaps one of the simplest ways to render credit cards, plastic ID cards and other plastic cards unusable; and to make Optical discs unreadable is with an Aleratec DVD/CD shredder. These devices cut optical media and plastic cards into strips. Quickly. Easily. Effectively. They’re easier and faster than most other methods.

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Shredder Maintenance – Keeping a Shredder Operating at Peak Performance

It’s important to perform regular maintenance in order to assure continuous peak performance of the shredder and to prevent premature failure.

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